Untold is a consultancy that focuses on bringing together strategist, creatives and programers to build digital experiences—helping brands grow through thoughtful strategy, collaborative insights, and quite simply, hard work.

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We work with you to discover the story behind the story. These core elements allow us to define your organization's unique qualities, ones that define how customers will feel and experience your brand. It allows us to create a compelling message that is consistent with who you are and where you are going.


These experiences span far beyond static promotions and a simple messaging. We marry all of the elements together; brand, voice, user experience and storytelling to create opportunities for engagement. Across social channels to sales funnels we continue to adapt and evolve the story to provide your current and future customers a fantastic brand experience.



Attracting and converting users requires that you harness your brand experience and share it utilizing a targeted approach. Based on customer personas we create a buyer’s journey that takes into account their inherent wants and needs in order to satisfy their goals. We audit the current landscape and define the correct format and promotional model to employ. 


Whether it be in-bound or out-bound content we look to harness a content plan that supports your website, blog, social and other marketing efforts - all with a consistent and compelling plan. Once implemented and deployed we will continue to analyze the content to make sure that it evolves with the needs of the customer.



Aligning your organizations aspirations and customers wants and needs are at the crux of a superior user experience. We deploy goal-driven systems that focus on making content easily findable and accessible. To ensure a good user experience we implement designs that are clear, consistent and provide a feedback loop that reinforces the brand experience.


We employ a human centered design approach that extends throughout the entire communication and interaction process. It starts in the engagement process and continues from acquisition to retention of each individual customer.



Developing the right approach across different technology platforms ensures that your customer will be able to engage with your organization on their terms. We are a technology agnostic agency and we look to employ the simplest and most cost effective solution. We conduct a use and need audit to determine the right technology match from CMS systems to App platforms.


Once a cohesive approach is defined we look to implementation and maintenance issues to further refine that tech strategy. A great tech solution is one that solves today's challenges and looks to take advantage of future needs and requirements.



Determining the right strategic approach will set a project on the path to a success outcome. We create a detailed roadmap that takes into account where your organization came from and where it is heading to achieve its long-term goals. We conduct collaborative workshops that allow executives to share their goals, pull in customer insight and collect industry and market data to create a comprehensive plan.


The planning includes distinct and measurable objectives intended to reach the states goals. Included in the planning is a timeline and KPIs to clearly communicate the teams roles and responsibilities. All of these tools allow us to stay on track and deliver a superior end product.

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