Wheel of Wisdom

When GEICO and Apple team up to pioneer the gamification of mobile advertising with the iAd platform you know good things are going to happen.

After years of working with GEICO across all of their digital destinations we were asked to lead this new effort. We jumped in and worked with Apple to explore all of the interactions that the iPhone had to offer at that time. 

In thinking about the Gecko - GEICO's enduring spokes-reptile - we knew we had to bring him to life. He has provided great insurance related advice over the years so we though it would be fun if he could offer advice in all areas of the users life.

We developed a broad list of areas and recorded numerous outcomes with the Gecko. You simply spun the wheel and your life was instantly better based on the wisdom of the Gecko.

The campaign was a huge success besting all of the other 10 national brands that we invited to participate in the pilot. We would go on to make many other iAds over the following years.