Money Badger

The Money Badger don't care! He will find and eat your savings when you least expect it. 

Creating this version of the GEICO mobile advertising gamification on the iAd platform was our most audacious effort to date.

We decided to create a stop-motion animated game on the users phone. To achieve this we created every item in real life at a 1:16 scale. Each item was hand crafted from the backgrounds to the props and each of the characters. All elements were then animate one shot at a time. 

Since it was a game and the characters had to react in real time to the users actions we had to create countless images and scenarios to allow for the variability. We then imported all of the images into the interface and connected the user movements to the characters. 

This approach had never been tried in the past and the outcome was amazing. It took quite an effort but the end result was so engaging that it was our most successful campaign in the series.