Previous campaigns we created took advantage of the phones innate properties. From tapping to flicking, shaking to strumming and interacting with the camera - we pushed the boundaries of the device and the users expectations of mobile advertising.

User engagement for all of these campaigns far exceeded expectations and led the entire iAd platform for time spent by the user. The campaign was celebrated as an innovative and creative way to push the iAd platform forward by Apple and GEICO.


GEICO partnered with Apple to pioneer the gamification of mobile advertising. We were charged with creating fun and engaging ways to share GEICO’s message of savings.



Project Type

Mobile Ad Games

In a series of interactive mobile campaigns we were tasked with capturing the attention, and engagement, of prospective customers with messages that reinforced GEOCO’s value proposition. 

For the latest campaign we leverage the idea of a hypothetical money grubbing creature that wanted to steal all of your money. The Money Badger was the perfect foil in this epic battle.

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