We implemented design principles and advanced site coding to allow for the site to change in response to the user needs. All colors and fonts can be modified to accommodate for visual challenges, buttons and calls to action are easy to use and set clear expectations, and if necessary additional help text can be displayed to assist the step-by-step all the way to completing their application.

The end results were very well received with the target audience and the general marketplace. Our efforts lead to increased employment among a diverse community that frequently faces unnecessary challenges in fulfilling their highest potential.

Equal Employment

Getting Hired is a company dedicated to offering equal employment opportunities for all, regardless of physical or mental abilities. We leveraged our extensive experience working with the American Foundation for the Blind to inform our effort.


Getting Hired

Project Type

Web Accessibility

Regardless of an applicant's abilities we were tasked with creating a site that would accommodate a wide range of needs that applicants may have, from a myriad of physical limits to cognitive challenges as well. 

The site needed to work for a broad spectrum of users. We planned to implement tools and design schemas that would provide for a high level of usability. From button size, to font color to clarity of task. The site would work equally well for a visually challenged physicist to a store greater with cognitive limitations.

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