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Early in the Covid-19 pandemic I was sitting at home feeling powerless as small businesses were struggling to stay afloat. Financial support was slow to materialize and many businesses were unable to access the funds. 

I decided that if we could create products for these businesses that they could sell online to their many supporters that we could get funds into their pockets quickly.

So I contacted my designer friends about creating customized t-shirts for each business that they could then offer to their customers. The companies would receive all of the proceeds and it would cost them nothing.

We got to work setting up the e-commerce platform and the individual designs - based on the companies personas. Within 2 weeks we were up and running. Ultimately over 15 designers created shirts for more than 25 companies - generating tens of thousands of dollars. 

It was an amazing experience and it was heart warming to hear from the business about how they used the funds to support their employees during this difficult time. 

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